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Welcome to DavidGorman.com

There isn't a lot here, but the recipes are tasty and pictures are just us and where we live, but you probably didn't get here unless you were invited, you are interested, or you are very curious...    Either way, welcome...

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      find out more about David's LearningMethods work - the tools of how to claim your full
      inheritance as a human being, how to use your in-built perception and intelligence to
      be free from problems, available for change and growth, and to connect to and be open
      to others...

Recipes Collection:
  — A shared collection of our Favourite Recipes

Miscellaneous other (somewhat related) items:
  — Plato's fascinating account of the Trial of Socrates
  — T.S. Eliot's masterpiece:  4 Quartets
  — The black humour of the "Max and Moritz" comics of Wilhelm Busch
      or "Struwwelpeter" by Heinrich Hoffman.
  — The charming poetic philosophy of "The Rubaiyat" of Omar Khayyam
  — Download a PDF version of "On Conflict and Consensus", C.T. Butler's wonderfully
      effective and constructive decision-making process for groups and organizations,
      or read it online at: Conflict-Consensus Wiki.
  — Go to the web site of that other Dave Gorman and his lstage show that I helped
      inspire: "Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure"