David Gorman

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  — Go to the main LearningMethods site and learn about David's LearningMethods work —
      "Intelligence Applied to Experience" — the tools of how to claim your full inheritance as a
      human being, how to use your in-built perception and intelligence to be free from problems,
      available for change and growth, and to connect to and be open to others...

Recipes Collection:
  — A shared collection of our Favourite Recipes

Miscellaneous other items: (somewhat related)

  — "the Trial of Socrates" – Plato's fascinating account of the trial and death of Socrates

  — "4 Quartets" – T. S. Eliot's masterpiece

  — "Max and Moritz" – the black humour of Wilhelm Busch's mischievous boys

  — "Struwwelpeter" – another old comic, this time by Heinrich Hoffman.

  — "The Rubaiyat" – The charming poetic philosophy of Omar Khayyam

  — "On Conflict and Consensus" – download a PDF version of C.T. Butler's wonderfully
      effective and constructive decision-making process for groups and organizations,
      or read it online at: Conflict-Consensus Wiki.

  — "Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure" – go to the website of that other Dave Gorman
      and his stage show that I had a small part in inspiring (check YouTube for extracts of the show).